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What you`ll need:

•         Blade wash, brush (provided with most clippers) or toothbrush                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

•          Clipper oil (provided with most clippers)

•          Flat shallow dish or jar top and a lint free cloth


1.         Begin with the clippers unplugged. Remove the blade. With a small stiff brush, brush away any loose hair visible between the teeth of the blade, front and back. Hold the blade up to the light to see that all foreign matter is removed.

2.         Next you`ll need a flat dish. I find that an old jar top works well. It`s flat and shallow and has a small diameter so you`re not wasting blade wash. You`ll only need enough blade wash to be able to immerse the blade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

3.         Now plug in your clipper and turn them on, slide your blade over the hinge and snap the blade into position. Immerse only the blade in the blade wash bath, flat against the bottom of the dish. As you run the clipper in blade wash you will see hair coming loose from between the blades. The hum of the running blade will also become higher pitched as the blades clean themselves of debris.

4.         Once the higher pitch remains constant, turn the clipper off an unplug. Remove the blade from the clipper and using a lint free cloth, wipe the blades as dry as possible.

5.         Hold the blade with the flat surface away from you (you will be looking at its underside where it attaches to clipper. (#1). You will notice that the smaller blade facing you will move left and right. Gently move the smaller blade half way to the left. (#2). Be careful to move it slowly or it will slide right off the end. With a lint free cloth, carefully wipe away any excess debris and residue from between the two blades, front and back. Then carefully move the blade half way to the right and do the same.

6.         Next, you`ll need to oil the running rails or contact surfaces, where the blades make contact with each other. Carefully apply one drop of lubricating oil to each rail.(#3). Spread the oil along the surface of the rail with the tip of the oil tube, moving the smaller blade left and right, as described above.

7.         Turn the blade over so that the flat side will be facing you. (#4). Carefully slide the smaller blade half way to the left and then right and carefully dry wiping away any debris. Then apply oil to the two rails which make contact with the larger blade. (#5). Again, remember only one drop. It is not recommended to indiscriminately pour oil through the teeth of the running clipper, as excess oil will only attract debris and undermine your careful cleaning job.

8.         With a clean lint free cloth carefully wipe away any excess oil, both front and back.

9.         Realign the blades. Plug in the clipper and turn the switch on. Slide the clean blade on the hinge and snap into position.

10.       Manufacturers often recommend spraying kool lube through the blade teeth to lubricate the teeth, spray lubricants are good for keeping blades cool , but not as replacement for oil .

            Never use WD-40 as lubricant , because WD-40 is a flammable material .

Trouble Shooting Blades:

Why Blades Don’t Work:


1.      Dull

2.      No oil on blades

3.      Blade drive warn out

4.      Hinge not latching on

5.      Too much hair or dirt between blades

6.      Spring not putting enough pressure on the top blade

Why Blades are Noisy

1.      Socket ears are spread too far apart

2.      Clipperblades are not latching on

3.      Screws are loose

4.      No oil on the blades